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The Wench of Procrastination

Never on an Ancient Monument

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30 April 1983
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Moodthemes: Snape by madamtorsion / Never Mind the Buzzcocks by miss_jaffacake / Michael/Maria by magique_icon / DS9 by artphilia / Fandom by lunacat_icons / Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends by cgaussie / George Lutz by clez / House of Flying Daggers by crackified / Alan Rickman by so_severus / Scrubs by crackified / Bones by iconizethis / M*A*S*H by loridarling / Sawyer by ?beneathgulmissy / Empire Records by ? / Supernatural by piehouserat / Leverage by ladrao / Supernatural and Jared & Jensen by twofortheroad / The Big Bang Theory by geeky_ness / Anne of Green Gables & Black Books by dallowayward / John/Teyla by callmeataxi / SGA by orchidicons / SGA by emesque / Generation Kill by melloniel & sunshineclouds / Rodney McKay by x_varda_x / That '70s Show by magique_icon

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